Dusting off the old web-log

I’ve been meaning to start writing again for a while, and before I did that I wanted to refresh my blog design and ultimately my web presence. Did that mean delaying writing instead of JFDI-ing? Yeah, but here we are finally.

I moved off my stuffy, passé WordPress site onto these shiny new Ghost digs. I had taken a time-consuming detour through the land of static site generators, specifically Pelican, but after hours of tweaking templates and CSS, Ghost won out for its plethora of high-quality modern themes. Currently I’m trialing Ghost’s hosted service, and have been pretty happy with it so far (granted, I’m only partially through writing my first post).

So why the renewed interest in blogging?

I’ve been working on various creative projects lately, and figured I should really get in the habit of documenting the stuff I’m doing; personal marketing and all that. So here we go again.