Here comes the darkness

As many of my nonexistent faithful readers already know, I will be moving to Stockholm in a couple months. I’ve been doing lots of research comparing cost of living, weather, etc. but my most troubling finding so far has to do with the amount of sunlight I’ll be losing out on. I originally found the data on Wikipedia, but it comes courtesy of the Hong Kong Observatory:


  That’s right; in the dead of winter, Swedes put up with just over an hour of sunshine per day, on average. Of course much of this is because Stockholm is nearly 60° north of the equator, compared to Chicago’s 42°. It’s unfortunate that I’ll be moving at the beginning of October, which seems to be when the sun issues start getting really bad. I guess I’ll just need to get a light box so I don’t get SAD. Makes you wonder how Sweden has the reputation of being one of the happiest countries in the world.