Frequently answered questions

It’s come to my attention that not everyone reading my blog is 100% up to speed on what I’m doing here in Sweden. So let’s just go over some of the questions that I find myself answering a lot so that you guys can get caught up.


Yep, I moved to Sweden.

For how long?

Indefinitely. At least a year or two. Could be longer.


I accepted a new position within my company which required a relocation to their headquarters in Stockholm.

Go on…

Starting in early 2010 I worked for Orc Software in Chicago as a Sales Engineer, which involved handling all the technical aspects of new sales of our trading software products: giving demos, configuring servers, training, and generally dealing with any problems that came up along the way. A few months ago I learned that there was an opening for a Product Manager position, specifically dealing with Orc Liquidator, our algorithmic trading engine where customers can write their own automated trading strategies. I would still get to talk to customers, but I’d get to play a much bigger role in deciding what should be improved/added in the software. I first inquired about the position before I knew it involved relocating, but figured now’s a pretty good time in my life to live in another country. I wound up getting the job so now I’m here.

Are they putting you up somewhere?

I’m staying in a corporate apartment for my first month. Orc has graciously enlisted a relocation company to help me find a real apartment. I have an appointment with them tomorrow so I’ll probably have more information on that front shortly.

Are you going to get all your furniture at Ikea?

I’m looking for a furnished apartment, but I am definitely looking forward to going to the world’s largest Ikea. They run a free shuttle bus from central Stockholm.

How’s the transition been?

My first week has gone quite smoothly. It’s really not all that different culturally, and everyone in Stockholm speaks fluent English so that certainly makes things easier. I’ve been here for short work trips in the past so I knew what I was getting myself into. It’s a beautiful city, for which I will provide photographic evidence shortly.