Arts and crafts roundup

Lately I’ve been spending my free time doing fewer tech-related projects and more hands-on crafty stuff. The most time-consuming one has been a cross-stitch tribute to the Velvet Underground’s first album:

Velvet Underground and Nico

I used a free program, KG-Chart LE, to make the design. After importing the image, I pretty much had to re-do the text manually so that the letters looked consistent. This was my first cross-stitch project, and while I’m happy with the end result, it took a little too much work to get there. I had a vision of making a bunch of album cover designs, but if I do another one, I’ll need to scale it down to CD-size or so, especially if it has more than two colors and isn’t 80% blank.

Detail shot

Another new item hanging in my living room is courtesy of the University of Chicago’s awesome online library of maps. There’s a ton of cool stuff to be found, especially if you’re into Chicago history. I came across a map from ~1930 showing all of the pieces of land annexed into the city. After figuring out a way to download the full-resolution image, I got an 18x24” poster of it from my new friends at The Ink Spot in Lakeview. It looks really cool:

Chicago map
It's a map!!

Forgive the crappy photo quality; after nearly six years of service, my point-and-shoot camera finally died so I’ve been relying on my phone.

Finally, I’ve been playing around with etching glass after coming across this tutorial. No photos of that yet, though. Stay tuned.