Quick Trick for Refoaming Speakers

I recently acquired a pair of Advent Smaller Speakers. They were in pristine condition, but of course the foam surrounding the speaker cone needed to be replaced. I’ve refoamed speakers a few times before, always following this method, where you remove the dustcap and put plastic spacers around the voice coil to align everything. It works pretty well, but I wanted to try doing it without messing with the voice coil.

If you aren’t careful while gluing on the foam surround, you could align the speaker cone so that the cylindrical voice coil rubs against the magnet. This causes a buzzing sound when playing music and could eventually destroy the wire. I figured out a way to align the cone without having to replace the dust cap:

Packing peanut shim

I used packing peanuts as shims to space the cone perfectly relative to the frame. Sliding them up and down gave surprisingly fine control of the position, and because of their squishyness, I could push the cone in and out to make sure it wasn’t going to rub. I took this photo before the foam was glued to the cone, but I found it easier to do that part before aligning the speaker.

The finished product:

Advent Smaller Speaker