Odds ‘n Ends (Experimental Music Edition)

  • Last week I attended a concert featuring my teacher, Rich O’Donnell, doing cool percussion things along with an experimental flute player and a dancer. The dancer had sensors on her hands and feet and was controlling a synthesizer patch that Rich created. Rich alluded to the idea that the computer was like another musician that was improvising along with them, as opposed to a tool that could be operated deterministically. It doesn’t take long when working with more advanced synthesis software to get a program to a point where you don’t know what it will do next. Is “artificial creativity” a component of “artificial intelligence?”

  • I got a pair of Etymotic ER-20 earplugs and have used them at the last two Gargoyle shows. First impressions: they took a little getting used to putting them in, and I’ve never put anything that far into my ear canal. But they sound pretty good and the attenuation is just right. They don’t sound nearly as muffled as normal foam plugs but they’re not perfect, the highs are still rolled off quite a bit. When I lose/break them I’ll probably explore other options but for $10 on Amazon they’re a great deal for flat-frequency response hearing protection.

  • Free Music Alert: The group leader from my trip to Israel sent me an EP he made as his alter ego, Daniel Harris. Kinda ambient/reverby/Animal Collectiveish.  I’ve found it makes for great background study music. Download here.