Drudge v. HuffPo

I’ve had this hobby recently of visiting the Drudge Report and Huffington Post, just to see how the two beacons of partisan media are spinning the day’s news. Let’s observe:


The significance of Drudge’s cover story is mostly in the fact that they are reporting with a tone like this. My first thought was, “Stage 5: acceptance.” There had been suspicion during the primaries that Matt Drudge had a soft spot for Obama, but I didn’t really see that carry through to the general campaign.  Maybe those speculations had been correct, or maybe Drudge–like so many other conservative and right-wing analysts–have simply started considering an Obama presidency as a likely possibility.  Given the polls at the moment (I do love my polls) they probably should be rolling this idea around in their minds sooner rather than later. Remember the anger and bitterness after 2000? Think of that, but if the angry people have more guns. I want them to be as stable as possible before the 4th. (Also of note: the red mini-headline above my screenshot is about an AP poll where McCain and Obama are neck-and-neck nationally. So maybe there’s still a bit of cognitive dissonance going on)

As for Huffington Post, apparently they have grown tired of reporting all the good news about Barack Obama and have decided to exercise their luxury of latching onto a trivial bit of information that supposedly makes the Republicans look bad. There is a bit of a double-standard with the way men and women are expected to dress, and this just seems like that fact taken to the extreme. Besides, I don’t think the the McCain/Palin campaign managers really wanted her campaigining around in her traditional attire of moose hide coats with baby seal eye buttons.