Craigslist hits close to home

On Saturday, Broken Social Scene came to the Gargoyle for our second show of the semester. If you’ve never been to the Gargoyle, just picture a basement cafeteria with big speakers and filled with sweaty indie kids. We are proud to be the leading shithole concert venue in the St. Louis metro area. Which explains why I was so amused to come across this posting on Craigslist:

**To the woman wildly swinging her purse at Broken Social Scene - m4w - 26 (The Gargoyle) **

You snaked your way through the ass-to-ankles crowd so that you could stand directly next to my friends and me. You were alone, a fact about which you must have been quite bitter and decided to take out on us. You clung to a 100% Naugahyde purse. It was the biggest fucking purse I’ve ever seen. And I know what you had in there: baby skulls.

And it gets better from there. I nominated it for Best-of-Craigslist, and I hope you’ll do the same.

Hat tip to St. Louis music blog A to Z